Will My Pitbull Protect Me?

The Pitbull is supposed to be a brave guard dog. Find out here if your dog will guard you or be just as loving with strangers as it is with you.

Your Pitbull will protect you if it has either a natural protective instinct or training for guard dogs. Despite its reputation, most Pitbulls nowadays are friendly dogs that don’t feel wary towards strangers. You can train your Pitbull to protect you if it doesn’t have the instinct to guard.

As you read on, you will find out how to know if your Pitbull will protect you. First, it’ll list the signs that your Pitbull is protective. Next, you’ll learn why Pitbulls can have the instinct to be protective. Finally, this article will go in-depth about how to train your Pitbull to protect you.

Signs That Your Pitbull Will Protect You

Your Pitbull Doesn’t Like Strangers

The first and most telling sign that your Pitbull will protect you is how it reacts to new people. You’ll know that your Pitbull will protect you if it has a negative reaction towards strangers. Examples of negative reactions are barking, ears folding down, and a tail tucked between the legs. 

Most Pitbulls will feel a stronger dislike of strangers when they’re at home. This is why your dog barks at anyone that walks by your home. Dogs consider their homes a safe space and will do anything to ward off dangerous intruders.

Your Pitbull Follows You Everywhere

Another sign that your Pitbull will protect you is that it tends to follow you anywhere you go. Most people see this as their dog being clingy or affectionate but it’s also a dog’s way of making sure that you’re safe. Your dog will want to make sure that it’s with you in case anything goes wrong.

A common example is when your Pitbull follows you to the bathroom. Dogs consider going to the bathroom as a moment where you’re vulnerable. If your dog follows you to the bathroom, it’s letting you know that it wants to keep you safe.

Why Are Pitbulls Protective?

Pitbulls are protective because of their breed’s history. Pitbulls were bred to be fighting dogs and their genes were modified to suit that field through selective breeding. 

Another reason why Pitbulls are protective is the breed’s personality. Pitbulls may look threatening but on the inside, they’re loving and affectionate dogs. They quickly become attached to their owners and use their strong bodies to protect them.

How To Train Your Pitbull To Protect You

Step 1: Teach Your Pitbull to Bark on Command

The first step is to teach your Pitbull how to bark on command. You can do this by holding up your Pitbull’s favorite toy in front of it but keeping the toy out of reach. Choose a command word such as “bark” or “speak” and say it. Once your Pitbull barks out of frustration from not getting its toy, use a clicker or say “good” and reward your dog with the toy and a treat.

Once your dog knows how to bark on command, you can start training it to bark when a stranger approaches you. Whenever you’re outside and a stranger gets too close, command your dog to bark. This will teach your dog that it should bark at unfamiliar persons.

Step 2: Teach Your Pitbull to Defend You

Now that your dog knows how to bark at strangers, you will need to teach it to be confident when challenged. You will need some help from a friend that your Pitbull hasn’t met yet. For these training sessions, make sure that your friend is wearing protective gear like a dog attack sleeve or thick blanket around their arm just in case your dog becomes aggressive.

Have the stranger approach your dog and then run away once your dog barks. This will help your dog gain confidence in its ability to defend. Once it’s confident enough, you can then instruct the stranger to challenge your dog by getting closer and acting aggressively. When your dog barks even more or moves to attack them, pull your dog back and reward it with a treat.

Repeat these steps as often as needed until your dog masters the art of protecting you.

Final Thoughts

Your Pitbull will protect you as long as it has a protective instinct or appropriate training. With discipline and positive reinforcement, your Pitbull can learn to be a great guard dog. 

Pitbulls are incredibly loyal dogs so protecting their owners comes naturally to them. Your job is to encourage their protective instincts and behaviors by rewarding and practicing them.

Remember that your Pitbull is more than just a guard dog. At the end of the day, it’s still a part of your family and should be treated like it.