20 Large White Dog Breeds

Taking care of large white dogs can be hard, but they look like fluffy clouds and there’s nothing better than cuddling them during winter!

Below are the most popular large white dog breeds:

  1. The Great Pyrenees
  2. Afghan Hound
  3. Siberian Husky
  4. East Siberian Laika
  5. Komondor
  6. Ukrainian Shepherd Dog
  7. Maremma Sheepdog
  8. Tatra
  9. Borzoi
  10. Dogo Argentino
  11. Samoyed
  12. Kuvasz
  13. Standard Poodle
  14. Slovensky Cuvac
  15. White Shepherd
  16. Hokkaido Dog
  17. Clumber Spaniel
  18. Saluki
  19. American Staffordshire Terrier
  20. Akbash

Large white dogs make great watchdogs because most of them were created for the purposes of protecting livestock and hunting. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history and characteristics of the breeds mentioned above. I have also mentioned the weight and height of these dogs in this article so you can easily figure out which dog is right for you.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is considered one of the largest white dog breeds. These dogs have very long and thick coats that make them look even larger than they are. Historically, they were bred as herding dogs and were a favorite of the French aristocracy. In fact, they were used by French nobility as guard dogs and were called the “Royal Dog of France”.

These dogs are independent and like to roam around freely since they spent most of their lives outdoor in the past. They’re not as affectionate as other breeds, but they’ll still make a great addition to your family. Just don’t expect them to always be in the mood to cuddle with you.

Male Pyrenees can grow up to 50-59 kg (110-130 lb) and 69-81 cm (27-32 inches) and females are usually 41-52 kg (90-115 lb) and 66-79 cm (26-31 inches).

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is known for its thick, silky coat. Its exact origins are unknown, but it is thought to be one of the oldest dogs in the world. One theory suggests that it might be related to the Tasy breed from Russia and Turkmenistan. They were bred in the mountains of Afghanistan where their purpose was to hunt large prey such as leopards.

British army officers who were serving in British India introduced the breed to England where it was shown at dog shows and subsequently became a popular dog breed in the 19th century. The Afghan Hounds are loyal and they love to have fun so they’ll always keep you entertained.

They’re 61-74 cm (24-29 inches) tall at the shoulders and can weigh anywhere between 20-27 kg (44-60 lb). They have high grooming needs because of their long coat, but that can be said about almost every dog on this list.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is part of the Spitz genetic family. The breed is characterized by erect triangular ears and a thick double coat. The Siberian Husky was bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia and was used as a sled dog. In 1908, these dogs were brought to Alaska where they were used for sled-dog racing.

These dogs are capable of living in extremely cold environments thanks to their thick double coat. They’re always excited and they require a lot of exercise, which can make it difficult to take care of them. If you leave them alone in a room for hours, they’ll turn the entire place upside down because these dogs don’t know when to stop. Huskies shed a lot so if you have allergies, this dog is not for you.

The standard height of male Siberian Huskies is between 51 and 61 cm (20-24 inches) at the withers and they usually weigh between 20 and 27 kg (45-60 lb). Female Huskies are 48-58 cm (19-23 inches) tall and weigh between 16 and 23 kg (35-50 lb).

East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika is another dog breed that belongs to the Spitz family of dogs. The ESL was historically used for hunting and sledding, but it also makes a great guard dog. These dogs are fearless and will always be ready to fight against wolves and bears if they deem them a threat. They’re also quite friendly and affectionate towards humans!

The ESL is an active and energetic dog and if its exercise needs aren’t met, it can develop problems like destructive chewing.

Male ESLs are 55-66 cm (22-26 inches) tall while females are 51-60 cm (20-24 inches) and both can weigh anywhere between 18 and 23 kg (40-51 lb).


Also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog, the Komondor is a large Hungarian livestock guardian dog (LGD). It’s known for its long, corded coat which is also the reason why it’s sometimes referred to as a “mop dog”.

The Komondor is a descendant of Tibetan dogs and was brought to Hungary by a Turkic nomadic people called “Cumans”. The name Komondor means “Cuman dog”.

The Komondor is a large molosser dog that’s usually over 76 cm (30 inches) tall. Male Komondors weigh between 50 and 60 kg (110-132 lb) while their female counterparts weigh between 40 and 50 kg (88-110 lb).

Because the Komondor is a livestock guardian dog, it’s not going to take kindly to strangers or animals that it thinks are trespassing its territory. Their muscular and robust bodies allow them to easily take down people they think are a threat and they will keep them down until you command them to let them go.

Ukrainian Shepherd Dog

More commonly known as South Russian Ovcharka, the Ukrainian Shepherd Dog is an independent but friendly sheepdog that’s usually used for guarding livestock. These dogs don’t have a lot of demands and will usually get on fine without too much attention. They don’t shed as much as the other dogs on this list and their long coat keeps them safe from extreme temperatures.

The Ukrainian Shepherd Dog likes to assert its dominance so if you want to keep it as a pet, it’s important that you start training it from an early age. An experienced trainer would be better equipped to train a dog like this. Ukrainian Shepherd Dogs are usually 64 cm (25 inches) tall and weigh over 35 kg (77 lb).

Maremma Sheepdog

Usually just called Maremmano, the Maremma Sheepdog is native to central Italy and was historically used by shepherds to protect their sheep from wolves. Its appearance is similar to that of The Great Pyrenees and it may even have a common ancestor with them.

The Maremma has a muscular body and a dense white coat. It’s intelligent, makes a great watchdog, and loves to cuddle. What more can a dog lover want from a large white dog? Training them can be a bit of a challenge, though, especially if you’re not an experienced trainer.

Maremma Sheepdog males typically weigh 35-45 kg (77-99 lb) while females are between 30-40 kg (66-88 lb) and both are over 60 cm (23 inches) tall.


Tatra, or the Polish Tatra Sheepdog, is a giant ball of fluff that was bred in the Tatra mountains of southern Poland. It was mostly popular in Poland in the 20th century but became well known in other parts of the world after it was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1963.

The Tatra is usually above 60 cm (24 inches) tall at the withers and weighs around 59 kg (130 lb).

They love to spend time with humans, but they can be aggressive towards animals or humans they think are a threat. They require regular brushing as they shed a considerable amount of fur and they bark a lot when they come across a threat, so you might have trouble sleeping at night if they decide to bark at something or someone they don’t like.


The Borzoi or the Russian Hunting Sighthound is a sighthound that descended from working dogs that belonged to Central Asian people who migrated to Russia in the 17th century. The word Borzoi is an old Russian term that means “fast”.

Borzois are shy and quiet, especially around people they don’t know, and they might display signs of nervousness when they’re around children unless they’ve known them for a long time. Borzois require a great deal of exercise and they get bored of repetitive activities so you’ll have to create a new exercise routine every week if you want them to stay motivated.

Borzois were bred to hunt wolves in Russia and they still possess hunting instincts that can sometimes cause them to run after small animals that are moving fast. Despite that, these dogs can be taught to live with cats if they are brought up with them from a young age.

Borzoi males are 76 cm (30 inches) tall at the shoulders while females are around 66 cm (26 inches) tall and they both usually weigh more than 45 kg (100 lb).

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos are large, muscular dogs that are native to Argentina where they were mostly bred for hunting large game animals. The first Dogo Argentino was bred by Antonio Nores Martinez, a medical doctor, in 1928 from a now-extinct breed called the Cordoba Fighting Dog, and bulldogs and terriers.

These dogs are usually found working as service dogs, guide dogs, and they’re also trained for police assistance and military work. The Dogo is an excellent watchdog because it has a natural instinct to protect its family. It’s also very social and intelligent and loves to spend time with its owner. The Dogo was bred to cooperate with other dogs while hunting, but it is banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

The standard height for a Dogo Argentino is 60-68 cm (24-27 inches) at the withers and they weigh between 40-45 kg (88-99 lb).


The Samoyed is one of the happiest looking dog breeds in the world! Don’t let their smile fool you, though, because they’re herding dogs, and training them can prove to be difficult at times.

The Samoyed is relatively small, weighing about 20-29 kg (45-65 lb). They’re about 51-56 cm (20-22 inches) tall.

They have a thick furry coat that protects them from cold weather and they’re heavy shedders so you have to groom them regularly. Their affable nature makes them bad guard dogs, but hey, they make great companions and that’s what matters the most, right? They might not be able to protect you, but at least they’ll keep you from feeling lonely! They’re sometimes called “smiley dogs” because of their smile.


The Kuvasz is a dog breed that’s native to Hungary. It is a flock guardian dog that was sometimes used as a royal guard dog in the past. During World War 2, the Kuvasz was on the verge of extinction. These dogs were good at protecting their families because of which German and Russian soldiers killed them in great numbers. By the time World War 2 ended, there were less than 30 Kuvasz dogs left in Hungary.

Thanks to dedicated breeders, they can now be found in a lot of people’s homes as pets.

The Kuvasz is a robust breed that’s 71-76 cm (28-30 inches) at the withers and weighs between 48 and 62 kg (105-136 lb).

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is a dog breed that was produced in Germany, but some people claim that it was first bred in France. In the past, it was used by wildfowl hunters to retrieve shot games. Cynologists believe that the Poodle was Germany’s water dog and has been around in Germany since the Middle Ages. The word Poodle is derived from the word “puddeln” which is a Low Germanic word meaning “to splash”.

The Standard Poodle is an athletic dog that’s 45-62 cm (18-24 inches) tall and weighs between 20-32 kg (44-71 lb).

The Standard Poodle sheds, but is often listed as a hypoallergenic breed. Their ears require just as much attention as the fur on their bodies because they have hair in their ear canals and if they are not cleaned regularly, moisture can get trapped in there and cause ear infections.

Slovensky Cuvac

Also known as the Slovak Cuvac, the Slovensky Cuvac is a livestock guardian dog that has common ancestors with the Kuvasz. The Slovensky Cuvac is a fierce watchdog and also a gentle and loyal companion. Before it became popular as a house pet, it was mostly used by people in the Slovakian mountains for the purpose of protecting livestock from enemies. It was only bred in white so that people would be able to tell them apart from wild animals at night.

The height of the male Slovensky Cuvac is usually around 70 cm (28 inches) while their female counterparts can grow up to 65 cm (26 inches) and they both weigh over 30 kg (66 lb).

These dogs have a thick white coat and a massive frame. They’re natural guard dogs so they’re the happiest when they’re living with large families and livestock that they can protect.

White Shepherd

White Shepherd is a German Shepherd that’s mostly bred in the United States. White coated German Shepherds were popular in Germany in the late 19th century, but were banned in the 20th century. In the United States, however, these white coated dogs gained a following and dedicated breeders formed a club for White Shepherds. The United Kennel Club classifies the White Shepherd as a different breed.

They’re intelligent dogs, but unlike most other dogs on this list, they’re not livestock guardian dogs and therefore, don’t enjoy being alone. In fact, if you leave them on their own for too long, they might become anxious and destructive.

They shed a lot so if you’re planning to get this dog, get ready to spend hours and hours grooming them. They also need tons of exercise every day which means you won’t have the time to rest if you decide to get this dog. But the plus side is that they’re affectionate and easy to train.

Female White Shepherds are between 55 and 60 cm (22-23 inches) and male White Shepherds are between 60 and 65 cm (23-26 inches). They weigh between 35 and 40 kg (77-88 lb).

Hokkaido Dog

Sometimes called “Do-ken” in Japan, this dog is from the prefecture of the same name in Japan. They’re usually 50 cm (20 inches) tall at the withers and over 20 kg (44lb). Hokkaido dogs that are bred outside of Japan are smaller in size.

Historically, these dogs were used as working dogs in Japan and were renowned for their courage, sometimes fighting bears that were twice their size. When socialized with cats and other animals at a young age, these dogs consider them a part of their “pack”. They’re also great with children!

Clumber Spaniel

Named after Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire (where it was produced), the Clumber Spaniel is a gun dog that was mostly used for hunting purposes in the past. They shed a lot and they have a habit of snoring which some people can find irritating.

Their history before the 19th century is unknown, but there is one theory that suggests they might have been kept as pets by members of the British Royal Family. They were one of the first ten breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Clumber Spaniel is the largest spaniel type dog, weighing between 25 and 39 kg (55-85 lb) and standing 43 to 51 cm (17-20 inches) in height.


One of the fastest dog breeds in the world, the Saluki is a sighthound that was primarily used for hunting games by nomadic tribes in the past. The Saluki is related to the Afghan Hound and the north African dog breed Sloughi.

The standard height of the breed is 58-71 cm (23-28 inches) at the withers and the weight is 16-29 kg (35-63 lb).

It has a long, curved tail and a deep-chested body. The Saluki has high endurance levels and over long distances, can easily outrun the Greyhound, the fastest dog in the world.

American Staffordshire Terrier

More popularly known as the AmStaff, the American Staffordshire Terrier is a short-coated breed that’s mostly found in the United States. These dogs were historically famous for their dogfighting skills and were recognized as a distinct breed by the United Kennel Club in 1898.

It was given the name Staffordshire Terrier because its ancestors belonged to Staffordshire, England. The AmStaff is a loyal, muscular, and agile dog.

A American Staffordshire Terrier is about 46 cm (18 inches) tall and weigh about 25 kg (55 lb).


The Akbash is a livestock guardian dog that’s native to Turkey and was brought to the United States in the 1970s by two researchers. The Akbash is known for being large and powerful. It’s rare to see an aggressive Akbash, as it’s mostly very calm and shy. Even when it’s used as a guard dog, it alerts its owner when it sees an enemy instead of directly attacking them. It’s a highly intelligent dog so it only decides to attack an enemy when it thinks it’s absolutely necessary.

Training these dogs can be challenging because they’re independent and they like to think for themselves. They require a large space and they have high exercise needs because they don’t like to sit around and do nothing.

The Akbash can weigh anywhere between 34 and 64 kg (75-140 lb) and can grow up to 81 cm (32 inches).

Final Thoughts

Large white dogs are great if you want a strong, fearless furry companion who will not only keep you safe from danger but also cuddle with you. Large dogs have high grooming and exercise needs and it can be difficult to take care of them, but it’s hard not to love them.

Personally, I prefer small dogs because lifting large dogs can take a lot of energy and I like being able to carry my dogs, but I also wouldn’t mind having a large white fluffy cloud for a pet. Most of the large dogs on this list were originally bred in mountains and were used to protect livestock from wolves, bears, and other predators. As a result, they have natural protective instincts and are strong and powerful.

Many of them love to be independent and like having a lot of space where they can freely roam around, but they also love spending time with their owner inside their house. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which dog to get. Just remember that these dogs require much more attention than small dogs, so prepare to let go of your favorite activities because you’ll be spending most of your time with your large dog!