Is Baby Food Good for Cats?

Should you feed your cat baby food? Find out what baby food can do for your cat’s health and it it’s a good idea or even harmful.

Baby food is good for cats that are sick or recovering from surgery. Therefore, it normally isn’t harmful. However, you have to watch out for baby food containing ingredients that are toxic or harmful for cats. These include onion, garlic, added sugars, preservatives, vegetable oil and dairy.

In this article, you’ll find out whether or not baby food is good for cats. First, you’ll read about how baby food can be beneficial for your pet. Next, you’ll learn about what types of baby food are good for cats and which to avoid feeding your cat. Finally, you’ll read about how to feed your cat baby food.

The Benefits of Baby Food for Cats

Baby food is a great food to feed your cat when it’s sick or recovering from surgery. When your cat gets sick, it can be difficult to feed it solid food or even wet food. They tend to lose their appetite and may even experience vomiting while they’re sick or have just undergone surgery.

Baby food with meaty ingredients is easy to digest for your cat and can entice your cat even when it doesn’t feel like eating. It’s easy to prepare and easy to store in case your cat can’t finish a jar in one go.

Cats are carnivorous in nature and when they’ve been vomiting, they tend to avoid eating anything. However, baby food would be easier to hold in their stomachs even when they’re sick because of its gentle formula.

However, keep in mind that most baby food lacks taurine. Unlike humans, cats can’t produce taurine on their own. Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats get from eating poultry meat like chicken and turkey.

Baby food can also be a supplement to your cat’s meals. If your cat is primarily eating dry food, you can add baby food for extra nutrients and flavor. Baby food is usually made with water so it can also help keep your cat hydrated if it’s not having enough water.

Feeding your cat baby food is also great for senior cats because some older cats can’t chew on kibble as freely as they used to. Their older teeth might not be strong enough to chew on hard kibble so feeding them soft baby food can keep them fed without hurting their teeth and gums.

Feed Your Cat the Right Kind of Baby Food

When choosing baby food for your cat, you should lean towards those with recipes that are primarily made of meat. Since cats are natural carnivores, they will naturally want to eat meat and can get more nutrients from eating meat.

Gerber has a great line of baby food that is made with meat and gravy. This set of baby food jars includes the best kinds of baby food that you can feed your cat during an emergency or as a treat. They’re proven to not only be good for cats when they’re sick or recovering, but they’re also great for cats in general.

1. Gerber Chicken & Gravy

This baby food is great for cats because it has a simple recipe. It’s made of chicken, water, and cornstarch. It doesn’t contain any seasoning, preservatives, or additives that can potentially upset your cat’s stomach.

Since this baby food is made with chicken, it likely contains some taurine which is good for your cat. Cats also enjoy the flavor of chicken and will gladly eat it even with a lack of appetite.

The chicken that’s used in this recipe is a wholesome source of protein that is great for keeping your cat’s muscles healthy. It has a good amount of healthy fats, potassium, and zinc, which all contribute to your cat’s overall health.

2. Gerber Beef & Gravy

The beef and gravy formula of this baby food line is another great choice for your cat. This formula contains taurine among other healthy vitamins and nutrients for your cat. It’s made with wholesome beef, water, and cornstarch.

This recipe boasts a particularly tasty flavor that any cat is sure to love. It’s a little lower in calories than the poultry-based recipes so you might need to a bigger amount of this to your cat to keep it from getting hungry.

If you’re looking for baby food that’s low in fat but high in protein, then Gerber’s Beef & Gravy recipe is for you. It’s formulated to promote healthy growth and strengthen the muscles.

3. Gerber Turkey & Gravy

Cats love to eat turkey. Turkey is the only poultry that cats might love more than chicken. This baby food is made from turkey, water, and cornstarch. It has a yummy flavor that any cat can easily enjoy.

Just like the other types of baby food found in this line, the turkey & gravy recipe is pureed which makes it easy to eat and digest. Even if your cat is experiencing nausea, it’ll probably be able to hold this baby food down with ease.

This recipe is also great for senior cats because it has a low amount of sodium. Older cats struggle to process sodium and can develop kidney or liver problems when they have too much of it.

Which Baby Food to Avoid

When selecting baby food for your cat, you should avoid those that contain fruits, vegetables, and seasoning.

Baby food ingredients that might be toxic or harmful to cats:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Added sugars
  • Preservatives
  • Vegetable oil
  • Dairy

You should avoid these ingredients because of different reasons. Onions and garlic are toxic to cats. Added sugars and preservatives can upset your cat’s stomach because they cannot digest them safely. Cats are also lactose intolerant so they shouldn’t be having any milk or dairy that isn’t formulated for them or doesn’t come from their mothers.

Feeding Your Cat Baby Food

Although it’s easy to prepare, serve, and store, baby food should never become your cat’s primary diet. You should only feed your cat baby food in moderation. The longest that your cat can survive on baby food alone is 2 to 3 days. After then, you should transition them back to regular cat food.

Baby food is best fed to your cat while it’s sick or recovering from surgery. It’ll prevent them from becoming averse to the cat food that you’re already feeding them. Never feed your cat too much baby food for too long or else it can lead to negative symptoms like more nausea and diarrhea.

If you want to feed your cat baby food even when it isn’t sick, you should only give it as a snack. Cats can enjoy baby food as a treat because of its tasty flavor but it won’t provide your cat with the necessary nutrients that cat food can.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, baby food can be good for cats but only in certain situations. Baby food can be healthy for cats that are sick with digestion problems or recovering from surgery. Some types of baby food contain cat-friendly ingredients that can help your cat eat when it’s struggling with its food.

You should avoid baby food that contains fruits, vegetables, GMOs, and preservatives. These ingredients can worsen your cat’s condition or get them sick. Steer clear of baby foods with these in their ingredients list to protect your cat.

Remember that baby food is only used to feed sick cats or as a treat. It certainly is tempting to put your cat on a baby food diet because it’s cheap and simple but it definitely isn’t better than food that is actually made for cats.