How to Train a Husky Puppy

Different breeds respond to different incentives. If you have a Husky puppy or are considering getting one, you must know how to train it.

Huskies are a hard breed to train and respond to positive reinforcement. These dogs are used to being a part of a pack and pulling sleds together as a team. You’ll need to establish yourself as your puppy’s pack leader to get it to obey your commands.

Further down, you’ll learn why Huskies are so hard to train, as well as what kind of training they need, and some tips on how to train your Husky puppy successfully.

How Hard Is It to Train Husky Puppy?

On the plus side, these blue-eyed, mysterious-looking beauties are great companions and a lot of fun to have around.

The only downside to this breed is that Huskies are notoriously stubborn dogs and will definitely test your patience to its limit. This is why Huskies are not a recommended dog breed for first-time dog owners who have no experience training dogs.

However, as hard as they are to train, they can definitely be trained if you really dedicate time and patience to this endeavor.

Underneath all that stubbornness, Huskies actually crave a pack leader to follow. They have a hierarchy mentality that they developed while pulling sleds as a team, an activity that they were essentially bred for.

This means that they are biologically-wired to obey someone hierarchically above them. So, if you’re wondering how to get through to your Husky puppy, the secret is to establish yourself as its pack leader.

How can you do that? By adopting a calm and authoritative demeanor when dealing with your dog. Be very firm and never lose your temper to gain your puppy’s respect as a leader.

What Kind of Training Do Husky Puppies Need?

Huskies’ training needs are not that different from most dog breeds. They basically need 4 types of training:

  • Basic obedience training
  • Potty training
  • Leash training
  • Training not to bite

Basic Obedience Training

Every dog needs to learn basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, and stop, among others you find useful. This is called basic obedience training.

Since Huskies respond better to positive reinforcement, training should always include some tasty treats.

You can easily use snacks to guide your puppy into doing what you want. If your dog obeys your command, praise and reward it with a treat.

All of these commands will be a lot of information for your dog to take in all at once. Don’t overwhelm it, and stick to one command until your puppy has mastered it. Then move on to the next one.

Potty Training

Before your puppy is potty trained, your whole house will be held hostage by this adorable puppy and its frequent potty needs.

If you have a yard, this task becomes a lot simpler but, if not, you’ll need to find a place in your apartment for your dog to do its business.

Potty training takes some patience and a lot of repetition. You should look for key moments in your dog’s day, such as a meal or a playing or sleeping session, and take your dog to its designated potty spot after each of these moments. This will give your puppy a chance to do its business in the right spot.

Another trick is to leave the poop lying around for a while, assuming he goes in the right spot, of course. This should help your puppy understand what that spot is for.

Again, this will be a little tricky to do if you have an apartment but, since puppies need to go so often, you won’t need to leave the poop around for long. And you don’t need to do it every time, or at all if you don’t want to, it’s really just an extra step to further help your dog make the association.

Just remember to always praise your dog like crazy when it does its business in the right spot.

Leash Training

It will take a while before your puppy is ready to face the world outside. Most vets don’t recommend taking young puppies to the street before they have all the necessary vaccines. However, leash training can start before your puppy is ready to go outside.

This training is very important because Huskies are very excited dogs that love chasing things or other animals. If your Husky puppy doesn’t learn to walk on a leash early on, it will become very hard to walk once it grows up.

To leash train your dog, all you’ll need is a leash and a collar.

Start by getting your puppy used to the leash and collar (or harness, whichever you prefer) at home. Put them on your puppy and let it roam around the house just so it can get used to these foreign objects on its body.

It’s also a good idea to train your puppy to follow you while off and on the leash. You can do this at home using treats and rewarding your puppy when it follows you.

Now that your pup is used to being on the leash and realizes that following you will lead to good things, you can take the training outside (if you get the green light from the vet).

All you have to do is repeat the training you did at home but outside, in a world full of distractions. Your puppy will naturally give in to some distractions but keep it up and be patient. Soon your pup will learn to ignore these outside triggers.

Training Not to Bite

Huskies are chewers. There’s no way around it. And unfortunately, this behavior isn’t exclusive to puppies. It’s a behavior that will continue on as they grow up unless they are trained not to bite or to only bite the right things.

First of all, it’s important to know that it’s natural for puppies to bite, especially when they’re teething. That doesn’t mean the behavior shouldn’t be corrected, only that it will happen and that it’s not out of aggression.

The first step to teaching a pup not to bite is to pay attention to it. If you see it chewing or biting something it isn’t supposed to, you’ll need to correct that behavior with a firm no.

However, because biting is your puppy’s way of relieving the pain from teething, you’ll need to let it bite something. When you call it out for chewing on something forbidden, replace that item with one of your pup’s chewing toys. If it accepts the replacement, praise it heavily.

That’s really all it takes.

Tips on Training a Husky Puppy

When training a Husky puppy, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Establish yourself as the leader of the pack: That’s how your Husky puppy will respect you
  • Always reward positive behavior: This is the best way to ensure your puppy learns every lesson you teach it.
  • Always correct bad behavior: Don’t reinforce bad behavior by letting your dog get away with it. This will make your Husky puppy lose respect for you as the leader of the pack.
  • Stay patient: Don’t lose your patience while training your puppy, and never respond out of anger no matter how frustrated you get with the process.

Final Thoughts

Training a puppy always comes with challenges, regardless of the breed. Even though Huskies are stubborn dogs, they are perfectly capable of being trained and obeying their owner. It just might take a little extra patience to train your Husky puppy.

If you’re establishing yourself as your dog’s pack leader and remain calm throughout the training, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a perfectly well-behaved Husky.

Just don’t forget to always praise your puppy vocally and with treats when it gets something right. Huskies respond to positive reinforcements so, this is key to successfully training a Husky puppy.