10 Golden Retriever Breeders in the US

If you’re about to get a Golden Retriever, choose a reputable breeder. In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of the best breeders.

These are the best Golden Retriever breeders in the US:

  1. My Golden Retriever Puppies (Millersburg, Ohio)
  2. Gaylan’s Golden Retrievers (Highlands, North Carolina)
  3. Syrah Goldens (Jefferson, Georgia)
  4. Coach’s Golden Retrievers (Milton, Georgia)
  5. Sweet Cream Goldens (Spokane, Washington)
  6. SnowWater Retrievers (Jamestown, Pennsylvania)
  7. Sapphire Goldens (Lakeville, Massachusetts)
  8. Muddy Goldens (Kimball, Minneapolis)
  9. Golden Puppies (Amite City, Louisiana)
  10. Golden Meadows Kennel (Moorpark, California)

Read further to discover essential information about each Golden Retriever breeder in the US. This includes the location of the breeders, the management, and how they work. By the end, you’ll find out the facts you need and which Golden Retriever breeder is the right match for you.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Breeder

Golden Retriever dogs are outstanding. They’re well-mannered and friendly. Without proper breeding, however, they may not be as lovable. They’re outstanding not because they entered this world as fabulous dogs but because of the people who raised them with love and care. Here are the best Golden Retriever breeders in the US:

1. My Golden Retriever Puppies

The official home of this team of Golden Retriever breeders is in the village of Millersburg in Ohio. Their well-kept headquarters, managed by seasoned Golden Retriever breeders, is also a retreat for residents of Cleveland, Columbus, and other neighboring areas.

My Golden Retriever Puppies works by granting peace of mind to anyone who’d want to care for a Golden Retriever puppy. The breeders have a reputation for raising puppies that go over and beyond expectations. Plus, they provide a one-year health guarantee.

Don’t want to drive for hours to have a Golden Retriever puppy? Then you’d like it delivered to your doorstep, I suppose. No doubt it’s a bold idea, and these breeders love it! As long as you’re not in Hawaii, they will send the new dog to you wherever you are in the US.

2. Gaylan’s Golden Retrievers

This group of breeders in Highlands, North Carolina, is famous for its expertise in Golden Retriever dogs. Did you know the American Kennel Club (AKC) awarded the owner, Gayle Watkins, the Gold-Level Breeder of Merit? Did you also know that the breeders earned over 140 titles in America and Canada?

Specifically, this breeder of Golden Retriever dogs garnered titles in obedience, rally and agility, and tracking. Plus, they attained honorable mentions in dock-diving, search and rescue, nose work, and more. The dogs also deserve praise for their exceptional hunting skills.

Gaylan’s Golden Retrievers is one-of-a-kind because the group combines passion and commitment; all for the love of Golden Retriever dogs. The ideal breed, the group says, is a mix of athleticism, eagerness, showmanship, and intelligence. And that’s precisely what they aim to achieve in breeding Golden Retriever puppies.

It follows a breeding program whose standards are like those of the AKC’s. And this is primarily the reason the Golden Retriever dogs in its care are of top-notch quality. Because most of its dogs thrive on competition and training, the four-legged animals mature with a competitive and disciplined spirit.

3. Syrah Goldens

The city of Jefferson in Georgia is where you can find this group of Golden Retriever breeders. They’re all about light Golden Retriever dogs of European descent. Apart from their fame as established breeders in the US, they’re also known for collaborating with fellow breeders overseas (including in Russia and Australia).

Their unique approach to breeding Golden Retriever dogs is what makes Syrah Goldens stand out. First, their friends (a.k.a. fellow breeders) overseas raise Golden Retriever puppies. Once these puppies are in excellent condition for importation, this US group jumps in.

The overseas breeders then fly out the Golden Retriever puppies to the US. Once in the US, the pups go into foster care to encourage them to hone their socialization skills. And voila! Once the puppies are mature enough, well-mannered, healthy, and sociable, off to their forever homes they go!

4. Coach’s Golden Retrievers

To get your hands on the cutest Golden Retriever dogs in the US, go to this breeder in Milton, Georgia. Its owner is a coach, hence the name. This man retired after years of calling the shots in football and baseball fields.

Based on who the Golden Retriever pups surround themselves with (almost) every second of every day, expect the four-legged animals to show you a playful and competitive side. Apart from footballs and baseballs, they love to play with tennis balls.

Coach’s Golden Retrievers isn’t only about playfulness, though. It also provides medical clearances for the dogs’ eyes, hips, elbows, and hearts. The goal? Assure the new owners of the Golden Retriever dogs that their dogs are brimming with life and good health, and they have nothing to worry about!

Anywhere in almost all US states. That’s where this breeder will deliver the Golden Retriever puppies. The coach wants the dogs to go to people who will love and never abandon these animals forever. If you fit the description, you might want to make arrangements with this breeder.

5. Golden Puppies

Amite City, Louisiana. This is where this reputable breeder takes shelter. It’s well-known for nurturing purebred Golden Retriever dogs that show off-standard traits. Its management is a welcoming group of people, and this organization is all about pampering a Golden Retriever.

Compared to other top Golden Retriever breeders in the US, Golden Puppies stands out because it offers other dogs. While specializing in breeding Golden Retrievers, it provides other one-of-a-kind dogs. Want Labradoodles and Labrador Retriever dogs along with your Golden Retriever? This is the place to be!

It also stands out because of its full slate of essential services. This includes lodging, stress-free daycare, and grooming, what you need to satisfy the basic needs of a Golden Retriever. Buy a Golden Retriever from this breeder, and you won’t have to go elsewhere for services.

6. Sweet Cream Goldens

You can find this family breeder in Spokane, Washington. Because of the family’s love and adoration for “goldens,” it’s exclusive to breeding Golden Retriever dogs. Specifically, it breeds English Cream Golden Retriever dogs. It raises these dogs and places them in magnificent homes.

Sweet Cream Goldens prioritizes the protection of the Golden Retriever dogs and their new owners! A unique feature about this breeder? Its extensive health guarantee for every puppy that goes off to its forever home; a three-year health guarantee!

Every Golden Retriever dog this breeder provides comes with an eye, elbow, heart, and hip guarantee. The deal is to stick to Life’s Abundance nutritional system. If the new owner takes care of their end of the bargain, this breeder says the dogs will be the epitome of optimal health.

7. SnowWater Retrievers

This breeder in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, is exclusive to breeding English Cream Golden Retriever dogs, too. The reason is no secret to other Golden Retriever breeders; it considers the beauty of English Cream dogs incomparable. Because of this, it wants every affiliation with the English Cream.

SnowWater Retrievers check fellow Golden Retriever breeders worldwide and carefully select the dogs that go into its possession. Before any dog can enter the US, this breeder vets it first. This check-up puts emphasis on a specific dog’s traits, and if it passes, the breeder will import it to the US.

This breeder focuses on a dog’s aesthetic appeal, and it encourages the new owners to enter dog beauty contests. If your focus is the same, it’s the breeder for you. It raises Golden Retriever dogs with coats so lavish and white that people need to “stop and stare.”

8. Sapphire Goldens

If you find yourself in Lakeville, Massachusetts, this boutique breeder is here. Quality is its primary concern, and word on the street says it offers dogs that are of the best quality in the state. Its reason for breeding Golden Retriever dogs? It’s admiration for these dogs.

Its Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being the best in the state because these dogs are well-trained and good-looking. They also have happy and friendly personalities that, if seen, mean that people would stop to talk to these dogs’ owners.

Sapphire Goldens is a member of the AKC’s program, Bred with HEART (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition). Every one of its Golden Retriever pups, therefore, is not your average. Every puppy goes through this program, and by the end, receives a certification from a cardiologist and ophthalmologist.

The breeder delivers Golden Retriever dogs to residents of Massachusetts and neighboring areas in New England. It vets the people who’ll receive the animals, and it’ll provide its service to any qualified dog lover. What it wants is simple; the dogs to receive genuine love and affection.

9. Muddy Goldens

Sitting on a farm in Kimball, Minneapolis, is this group of reputable breeders. The people who run this place do so with an intense love for Golden Retriever dogs and deep appreciation for their mission. They want the dogs to go into loving family homes.

Muddy Goldens expresses a desire to maintain professional relationships with the new owners of its Golden Retriever dogs. The breeders want to look out for the dogs after these adorable animals have left. While they specialize in raising hunting dogs, they’re open to raising all Golden Retriever dogs, hunters or not.

So whether you’re after a hunting dog or a basic Golden Retriever pet, these breeders will show you the ropes. Is taking home a well-loved, fun, and healthy dog all that matters to you? If so, let them know. With a customized buying experience, they can help you pick the right dog for you.

10. Golden Meadows Kennel

This well-established breeder is in Moorpark, California. In its home, the beautiful and spacious areas will sweep you off your feet. It features big grassy yards and custom-built grooming rooms. On top of Golden Retriever dogs, it also offers Vizslas.

Golden Meadows Kennel has a puppy training facility, and it uses effective training models such as The Von Falconer Way of Training, AKC’s Canine Good Citizen, and Rule of 7. And good news; it also serves other locations in California. This includes Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara.

This breeder, like all the others on this list, wants the dogs to go to good people. This is why it follows up on the dogs after these animals have left to enter new homes. It keeps in touch with the new owners and welcomes stories on its dog blog.

Speaking of its dog blog, you can also use its resources there. Want to know more facts about Golden Retriever dogs? Need a feeding guide? Eager to learn about a Golden Retriever’s coat? This breeder’s dog blog is something worth reading.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 best Golden Retriever breeders in the US. They’re the top ones, and people who received Golden Retriever puppies from them are happy owners. So if you’re 100% certain you want to own a Golden Retriever, what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget, the awesomeness of Golden Retriever dogs has a lot to do with their breeders. So if you’re somewhere in the US, and you’re about to care for a Golden Retriever dog, go with a reputable breeder.

As to which specific breeder you should go to, the decision is up to you. You can decide based on the breeder nearest to your location. Or you can make the call based on the type and quality of Golden Retriever you expect.

Because some breeders on this list will deliver to almost anywhere in the US, you shouldn’t worry too much about a breeder’s location. Instead, you should take it easy. Contact a breeder, make arrangements, then sit back and relax as you wait for your new family member to come.