10 Dog Friendly Hotels in the UK

Going on a memorable adventure in the United Kingdom (UK) with your dog? Check out these dog-friendly hotels in this article.

Below are dog friendly hotels in the UK:

  1. The Milestone Hotel (London, England)
  2. One Aldwych (London, England)
  3. The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa (North Yorkshire, England)
  4. Five Acre Barn (Suffolk, England)
  5. Galgorm Resort & Spa (Ballymena, Northern Ireland)
  6. Kingscourt House (Belfast, Ireland)
  7. Grove of Narberth (Pembrokeshire, Wales)
  8. Golden Sands (Gwynedd, Wales)
  9. Trigony House Hotel & Garden Spa (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland)
  10. Kylesku Hotel (Loch Shin, Scotland)

In this article, I’ll discuss what makes each dog-friendly hotel an excellent place to stay. I’ll talk about each hotel’s location, theme, facilities, nearby attractions or suggested activities, and price. By the end of this article, you’ll be left with everything you need to know about the dog-friendly hotel you’re about to visit.

The 10 Best Dog Friendly Hotels in the UK

The reason to stay in a dog-friendly hotel is simple; you’re on vacation with your pet. Want to relax and unwind the best way possible? To have an unforgettable time in the UK, be sure to check in at a dog-friendly hotel. Here are 10 best dog friendly hotels in the UK:

1. The Milestone Hotel

When in London, go for a walk with your dog to Hyde Park and there, you’ll see this charming hotel in front of you. Upon arrival, this place will sweep your dog off its feet (paws!) with a customized collar tag, toys, and a hamper of other treats.

Once your four-legged friend is off to its room, waiting are more customized goodies. The custom-made gifts include duvets, floor mats, cushions, and a “Do Not Disturb” door sign. If the hotel’s special pet menu or creative turndown treats aren’t enough to make you or your dog smile, the dedicated animal service will!

The Milestone Hotel dates back to the 1920s and still keeps all matters chic. The chief designer, Beatrice Tollman, has a reputation for sophistication and a keen eye for excellent style. The overall theme of the place? Elegance, elegance, elegance! Inside are a Victorian-style sitting room and old-fashioned patterned carpets.

Facilities include a bar and restaurant, and fitness center (pool, spa, sauna). Outside are glorious street views and, of course, a lush parkland your dog will love! Get ready with £308 per night if you want to stay.

2. One Aldwych

This English hotel in London’s Covent Garden is where you can find Spencer and Lizzie, the paper mâché dogs. A dog bed, towel, and bowl will greet your pet upon arrival. It will also get plenty of treats from a popular dog shop and grooming salon nearby.

The pampered welcome and the sight of Spencer and Lizzie will make your dog want to jump for joy. If it’s into mingling with actual furry friends, the reception area is where it can meet its kind. Apart from the welcoming vibe from the dogs, the concierge is ready to embrace your four-legged friend and make it feel at home.

Inside One Aldwych are elegant furnishings. Because the owner, Gordon Campbell Gray, is a reputable artist in England, you’ll find extensive private collections of modern art fill the walkways and public areas. The designer bedrooms relay grandiosity with top-class furniture, wool throws, and toiletries.

Facilities include almost everything you’d want during a vacation and a professional and excellent service. The hotel features a pool, bar and restaurant, and a spa. If you want to go outside with your dog, you’ll adore the pedestrianized streets in the area. To stay the night, £459 per night is the price to pay.

3. The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa

Near Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, England, is where you can find this lavish hotel. The moment you and your dog step foot in this place is the start of royalty treatment. Waiting for you is a friendly welcome. Meanwhile, a dog bed, water bowl, and treats are waiting for your pet.

The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa stands in landscaped grounds around an Italian garden. It features two wings; a rectangular block built in 1982 and a stone-brick house built in 1610. Inside the establishment are exquisite furnishings that the Duchess of Devonshire curated and artwork from Chatsworth’s Collection.

Facilities within the hotel include a fitness center (small pool, gym, spa, and tennis court) and a bar and restaurant. Located nearby are Bolton Abbey Estate (0.5 miles) and Skipton Castle (6 miles), places you can take scenic walks to with your dog. A stay starts at £209 per night.

4. Five Acre Barn

You can find this place in the village of Aldringham, on the edge of the coastal town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk, England. Because the owners, David Woodbine and Bruce Badrock, have two hounds of their own, you and your dog will feel right at home.

Surrounding the hotel are five acres of rustic woodland that feature footpaths going into the countryside. Inside, you’ll find modern furnishings with a touch of retro. The rooms give off a creative feel, with spotless concrete floors and soaring ceilings.

Facilities include a well-equipped kitchen, a wood-burning stove, and a sitting room. This place is a converted barn. The ways of the people in the area are old school. There aren’t a lot of attractions inside.

What gives this place an edge is the unparalleled quality of country life it promises. Want to take your dog out for a walk to the beach? In less than 10 minutes, you’re there. To stay here, it’s £100 per night.

5. Galgorm Resort & Spa

Overflowing with elegance is this place at Ballymena, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It’s the perfect spot for you and your dog to sit back, relax, and savor a day of ultimate regeneration. If you’re craving for the enchantment of peaceful and unforgettable country life, why not drop by?

World-class luxury in a rural environment is what you’re about to experience at Galgorm Resort & Spa. It stands in 163 acres of woodland beside a river. Next to the original house, initially owned by the Young family back in 1857, is a reception area, 46 rooms, a lounge, and more.

Facilities include a fitness center (gym, pool, spa, steam room, sauna), outdoor houses, and log cabins. If you and your dog are fans of Game of Thrones, the nearby sites (such as the King’s Road) will sweep you off your feet. Staying here will cost £190 per night.

6. 9 Kingscourt House

In Kingscourt Close, in the province of Ulster in Belfast, you’ll find this place. It’s a guest house, and just as you would back in your own home, you’re free to let your dog roam around to its heart’s content. No house rules for your four-legged friend.

9 Kingscourt House is in a residential area and quiet neighborhood. The vibe that this place gives off is a mix of simple, modern, and clean. The interiors feature contemporary furnishings that line up neatly in the guest house’s white walls.

There’s no gym or spa in this place. There aren’t many activities to keep you busy if you want to stay in. While a few people may find its lack of extensive facilities a problem, many dog owners think it’s an ideal retreat in a quiet and stress-free location.

Outside, you can walk your dog to the Park Centre (2.4 miles) and Belfast Castle (4 miles). Or you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the public market, shopping centers, fast-food establishments, and anything in its surroundings. To spend the night here, pay £34, and you’re set.

7. Grove of Narberth

You’ll find this splendid country-house hotel near the small town of Narberth. Upon arrival, your dog will receive delicious treats, blankets, towels, and a special menu of dog-friendly meals. Oh! The warm welcome of Milo and Bronwen, the in-house Labradoodles, is waiting for it, too.

Grove of Narberth is a three-story residential building with distinct Arts and Crafts panels and Georgian proportions. To experience the elite country life in a traditional setting, this is the place to be. The hotel’s stylish interiors, featuring Welsh references and love spoons on a wall, are impeccable.

Facilities include a bar and restaurant, with the promise of its staff’s exemplary service. The nearby sites your dog will enjoy walking to are gardens galore, including The Secret Owl Garden (2 miles) and Colby Woodland Garden (5 miles). To spend the night, be ready with £156 per night.

8. Golden Sands

To arrive here, a pleasant drive along Foryd Road, in Gwynedd, Wales will make it happen. This place is a holiday park, and dogs adore it! Here, you can let your dog run wild and free, as long as you monitor it for safety reasons.

Golden Sands is a beachfront property and offers an escape from the city’s hectic life. It’s away from noisy crowds, traffic jams, and other things that can drive you insane. If that’s what you and your dog are looking for in a vacation spot, this holiday park is what you’re after.

Facilities include a bar and restaurant, pool, garden, and playground. Not a lot of famous attractions are in its surroundings. Considering you’re in front of a beach with stunning views of the vicinity, you and your dog have nothing else to ask for. To stay, £131 per night is the price to pay.

9. Trigony House Hotel & Garden Spa

This place in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, is famous for making dogs feel as welcome as people. It’s also known for its dedicated outdoor showers for dogs and pet reiki. Upon arrival, a feast is waiting for your dog, and you, too! It gets a complimentary sausage, gourmet treats, dog beds, towels, and bowls.

Trigony House Hotel & Garden Spa is a quiet and clean 18th-century country home. Inside are dashing wooden staircases and a minimal style that give off a welcoming vibe. Outside is a well-maintained garden that’s perfect for you and your dog to explore.

It features a bar and restaurant, and spa. Every nook and corner of its grounds come with a relaxing atmosphere. If you wish to step outside, why not go for a walk with your dog and see the countryside? It will mesmerize you! Stay for the night for £128.

10. Kylesku Hotel

A break from city life is yours in this 17th-century hotel in Lairg. This place, owned by Tanja Lister and Sonia Virechauveix, is where dogs and their owners meet others. If you’re up for socializing and merrymaking, this is your spot.

Kylesku Hotel may date back from centuries past. The establishment’s theme, though, doesn’t. A welcoming contemporary feel is yours the moment you step foot inside. It features copper pendant lighting, bare-wood beams, and panoramic windows with stunning sea loch views.

It houses a bar and restaurant, and that’s it. Staying inside the hotel will keep you relaxed. You can also go for a lovely walk with your dog (and a guide!). Or why not go kayaking, climbing, and horse riding? For £110 per night, the arrangement doesn’t seem bad.

Final Thoughts

So these are 10 dog-friendly hotels in the UK. Think they’re random dog-friendly hotels? They’re not. They were carefully chosen, and they’re the good ones.

If you’re budget-conscious, Five Acre Barn, Galgorm Resort & Spa, 9 Kingscourt House, Grove of Narberth, Golden Sands, Trigony House Hotel & Spa, and Kylesku Hotel are your best options (priced at less than £200 per night).

If you couldn’t care less about price (as long as you have a memorable vacation with your dog), The Milestone Hotel, One Aldwych, and The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa are the hotels you’d want (costing more than £200 per night).

Once you’ve chosen a hotel that you’d like to stay in, it’s time to leave that task behind. Now, focus on the big picture; you’re going to have a blast in the UK. Best of all, you’re going there with your dog.