Can Cats Sense Bad Energy?

It is often said that animals are more in tune with the world around them. But what does that mean? Can cats sense the things we cannot?

Yes – Cats, like many animals, have an extremely high emotional intelligence. Affording them the opportunity, unlike we humans, to interpret even the most subtle signs around them. It is because of their understanding of these subtle nuances that our feline friends can sense ‘bad energy’.

Cats have a bit of a reputation for making you work to earn their trust, or even to earn the right to have them sit near you at all, in many cases. But there are often times when cats may take an instant dislike to someone. Maybe as subtle as not being in the room when they are around, or as in-your-face-obvious as a few well-timed attacks whenever paths may cross.

With that being taken into consideration, is there something we – as humans – are missing? Well; in a few ways, we really are. With our routinely heavy reliance on the spoken word, we neglect our basic senses in a way that animals do not. But what does that mean?

What Is Meant by “Bad Energy”?

First, we must establish what is really meant when we talk about ‘bad energy’. It’s easy to hear those words and imagine our cats having the ability to see a colorful aura around people, showing if they are inherently good or bad. But the reality is, that “bad energy” is more akin to feeling negative emotions.

Rather than it being a sentient, floating mass. What we are really referring to when we talk about “bad energy” is the negative signs given off by a person – or animal, as these signs are not limited to humans – when they are exhibiting a negative emotion.

For example, an angry person could become physical or violent, and for your cat, the ability to sense these subtle shifts in “energy” could be the difference between life and death. But if it isn’t some physical manifestation, how do cats sense it?

The answer is there in the question. Sense. Your cat does not rely on the spoken word to understand their surroundings, instead, they rely on their other senses. Studies have suggested that while experiencing different emotions, people – and animals – would give off pheromones, something that your feline friend’s acute sense of smell could pick up on.

How Do Cats Sense Bad Energy?

So really, there is nothing to say that a human couldn’t develop a similar understanding of the energy around them. As stated, Cats have to rely heavily on non-verbal communication to understand the world around them. This has lead them to develop a high emotional intelligence about the world around them. With this ability, even the most subtle of changes can alert them to danger or bad situations. 

Bad emotions tend to trigger similar responses in all living things. Your cat can pick up on the tension a person or animal is giving off, and this could give them the sense of “bad energy”, initiating a fight or flight response from your beloved pet. 

Or perhaps it is the audible cue that your cat has picked up on, an ever-so-subtle change in pitch. It is because they are so in tune with these other senses that they can feel any bad vibe crackling in the air. 

Regardless of what tipped them off, just because you didn’t sense it yourself doesn’t mean it didn’t exist or was some supernatural aura.

How Can We Tell if Our Cat Senses Bad Energy?

Cats are interesting creatures; unlike their canine counterparts, who are known to be quite friendly. Cats have a reputation for not always taking to people so easily. It can seem completely strange to us when we watch our usually so loving furry friend lash out unexpectedly at a new person. However, as unseen as it is to us, that is just one of the obvious ways your cat could be communicating that they are sensing bad energy from this person.

Now; that doesn’t inherently mean the bad energy is explicitly a danger to them. A cat could be feeling these bad vibes simply because the person they are meeting is showing nervous cues, in turn, this is making your cat feel a similar way as they pick up on the signs. 

It is for this reason, that your cat may take to hiding whenever that presence is near, finding more comfort in being away from the bad energy they are sensing at the time. As an owner, it is important that we learn to identify these behaviors, so we can be prepared and better understand why our loving mouser is behaving in such a way. Especially if your Cat’s stress response tends to be more on the ‘fight’ side of things.

This ability to read the room can afford comfort to us, as owners, also. The acute sense your cat has also leans into those times when you aren’t feeling yourself. Perhaps you’ve had a bad day and things are really overwhelming. It’s then that your adorable ball of fluff makes an appearance to show you, that you are not alone.

Their ability to sense all kinds of energy around them is one of the things that make them such great companions. And when you make that kind of bond with a cat, even the worst days can feel a little less intimidating. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy that our pets can see magical aura’s around people and that is how they choose who they trust. And while the truth behind it, isn’t quite as magical. It is still rather impressive in its own way, truly highlighting the extreme level of emotional intelligence our beloved cats have. 

I have been worried about my own wayward feline in the past as she has a penchant for traveling a fair distance away and to a heavily populated area. The anxiety you get knowing not everyone is kind to animals and wondering if they are safe out there can be unbearable.

However, from my own experience of watching my own geriatric and independent feline make snap decisions on who she will allow to pet her; effortlessly fending away anyone she does not seem to trust, I have to say… Perhaps we don’t always give them as much credit as we should.

It may not be a supernatural occurrence, but perhaps having this hidden ability, to be able to sense any bad energy around them, is still pretty magical, after all.