Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

Looking at a Rottweiler and wondering if it’s dangerous or not? In this article, I’ll tell you the truth about the temperament of the dog.

No, Rottweilers aren’t dangerous. Despite their size, history as violent dogs, physical appearance, and more, they’re lovable dogs. It’s fair to ask this question, though. And it’s understandable why you’re asking if Rottweilers are dangerous dogs.

Below, I’ll give you a low-down of the breed. I’ll also talk about the reasons Rottweilers are dangerous. My goal is to help you understand if Rottweilers are as dangerous as many people think they are.

Reasons You May Think Rottweilers Are Dangerous

Because you’d often see Rottweilers as police dogs, guard dogs, and animals that assist in search and rescue missions, they suggest discipline and boldness. And because you’d often see them with police officers, they appear authoritative. The result? Many people assume Rottweilers are dangerous.

From an outsider’s perspective or somebody who hasn’t cared for a Rottweiler before, it’s fair to feel terrified at the sight of Rottweilers. They’re big dogs and they don’t look the least bit friendly. One look at a Rottweiler is all it takes for you to turn in the opposite direction.

They seem dangerous because they look dangerous. However, because a dog’s physical appearance isn’t all there is to it. Below are the reasons you may think Rottweilers are dangerous:

Rottweilers Are Bulky Dogs

One of the top reasons they’re considered dangerous is their physical build. It’s understandable to find Rottweilers frightening because of this. At the sight of a small and slim dog, would you think it’s dangerous? Now, how about if you see a Rottweiler — a large dog with a firm body?

Male Rottweilers have an average height of 23 to 27 inches and an average weight of 110 to 135 lbs. Meanwhile, female Rottweilers are a few inches shorter (22 to 25 inches) and weigh slightly lighter (75 to 105 lbs.) than male Rottweilers.

Plus, their head, neck, and limbs are well-muscled and firm. The sight of their wide chest and well-developed ribs also suggests strength. Because of their overall sturdy build and their overwhelming size, it’s hard not to think of them as dangerous dogs.

History as Violent Dogs

They originated in Germany in a place of medieval descent. There, they’re famous as the town dogs and they go by the name Rottweiler Metzgerund, which translates to Rottweil butchers dogs or the butcher dogs in the southwest town of Rottweil.

The primary use of Rottweilers was to assist their owners with laborious tasks. If not herd pigs, sheep, and other livestock, they’d pull carts loaded with butchered meat. Their job was to help prepare the animals to get sold on the market. This practice? It went on until the 19th century.

During the same century, they’re also the dogs of the Roman soldiers. As the dogs of soldiers, they’d guard their cattle. Back then, guarding cattle was a tremendous deal because cattle were the primary source of nutrition for the soldiers.

Rottweilers Love Attention

Rottweilers’ need for attention is also a reason people assume they’re dangerous dogs. Rottweilers want to be in their owners’ space most of the time. If deprived of their need to be with their favorite people, they’ll begin howling incessantly. Worse, they’ll give in to their destructive behavior.

They’ll destroy anything within reach if they’re asking for attention, yet their dog parents aren’t giving it to them. Don’t want to risk some item getting destroyed? Don’t place it near them. And while a problem, their destructiveness is salvageable: spoil them with attention and shower them with praise.

They’re the ideal pets for people with plenty of time on their hands. These dogs can be desperate for attention from their dog parents. The moment you’re in their line of sight is the same moment they won’t leave you alone.

You also need to take them out for a walk every day (1 hour). If not, they’ll use their energy another way — in a way you might not like. Want to avoid aggressiveness and other behavioral problems that show danger to others? Meet their exercise requirements!

Rottweilers Are Natural Guard Dogs

Another reason they seem dangerous is their skills as guardians. Their primary instinct is to guard their territory above everything else. They’re territorial dogs, and they won’t hold back from attacking anything that poses a threat to their environment.

Rottweilers have a devil-may-care attitude and will let their territorial nature take control. Because of this and because of their physical build, they end up wreaking havoc on anything standing in their way. This includes tables, chairs, and other items in the wrong place.

This is why it’s important for dog parents to establish ground rules. The goal is to allow them to understand which items are part of their territory. The earlier and the younger the Rottweiler is, the better. Doing so helps these dogs grow up with the right mindset.

Apart from their home, their territorial nature also shows in their affection for their dog parents. They think of the world of their dog parents. Not only will Rottweilers keep these people safe at all costs, but the dogs will also protect the items their dog parents hold dear.

Rottweilers Don’t Respond Well to Strangers

They’ll bark at someone they’re unfamiliar with. If they haven’t seen you before, their hostility towards you shouldn’t be surprising. That’s why it’s best to stay at a safe distance until you slowly warm up to them. Give them time and they can get used to your presence.

Compared to other dog breeds (like the Golden Retriever), Rottweilers take longer to warm up to new people. Friendliness isn’t part of their nature. The good news? It’s a possibility they’ll soon like you because these dogs are adaptive. If they consistently see you as a safe element in their environment, they’ll soon lower their guard around you.

Their extremely protective nature around their dog parents is also worth acknowledging. If they sense you bring danger to their owners, they’ll rush to attack you. To play it safe, don’t display any aggressive behavior (or anything that can be mistaken as aggressive behavior) in front of them.

Final Thoughts

The general answer to the question is “no”. No, Rottweilers aren’t dangerous, and it’s not in their nature to inflict danger. As the points of discussion in this article suggest, many people misjudge them — and they have been misjudging these dogs for years now.

Unfortunately, the debate on whether Rottweilers are dangerous is a two-way street. Generally, Rottweilers don’t pose danger to others. If you don’t raise them well, however, you have a problem and that’s when Rottweilers can be dangerous.

Don’t worry about it too much, though. The situation is in your control. Besides, Rottweilers are excellent dogs. The deal goes: you take care of them well — shower them with enough love and affection — and you can enjoy the perks of having a Rottweiler in your home.