Are Corgis Good Beginner Dogs?

Should you get a Corgi as your first dog? Well, the short answer is that it depends, but what does it depend on? Find out here!

Corgis isn’t the ideal dog breed for beginners or first-time dog owners unless you’re very committed to training. Corgis have strong personalities, high energy, and plenty of maintenance needs.

In this article, you’ll find out why Corgis aren’t good beginner dogs. I’ll go over what it’s like to have a Corgi and the different reasons why it might be difficult to have one as your first dog. I’ll also discuss the measures that you can take to prepare for having a Corgi. Finally, I’ll share some tips on how to take care of a Corgi and my final thoughts on having a Corgi as your first dog.

Why Aren’t Corgis Good Beginner Dogs?

It’s no secret that both the Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are adorable dogs. Their unique builds and wonderful coat colors have made them some of the most popular dogs in the world. However, when it comes to having your own pet, you should be looking beyond your dog’s looks.

Personality and Behavior

When most people meet Corgis, they see them as behaved and mild-mannered dogs. However, the truth is, it takes a lot of socializing and training to get them to behave that way. The first reason why Corgis aren’t ideal for inexperienced dog owners is because of their temperaments.

Corgis are strong-willed and stubborn dogs. They have a natural pack-leader mentality that makes them hard to handle. Corgis need an owner that is assertive and can take charge of their household. Most Corgis won’t respect or listen to owners that they feel aren’t domineering enough.

Aside from being strong-willed dogs, Corgis are also notoriously clingy. These dogs love to be involved in everything you do. No matter what the activity is, you Corgi will want to know what you’re up to. If you don’t establish boundaries, your Corgi will easily take over your day.


The second reason why Corgis might be difficult for beginner pet-owners is their energy. It can be hard to start out with a high-energy dog because having high energy means that your do will need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

A young Corgi, as in, very energetic dog, in all probability.

If you’re looking to have a lazy dog, then the Corgi definitely isn’t for you. Corgis need about 1 to 3 hours of exercise a day to keep its energy levels balanced. Without enough exercise, your Corgi can easily become fussy, anxious, and even destructive.

Their high energy levels also make Corgis a talkative dog. Corgis tend to bark a lot, especially at strangers. Sometimes, your Corgi might even bark for no reason at all. This breed is known to be highly vocal and expressive, using its bark to convey its mood. Having a Corgi might pose a problem if you live in a neighborhood or building that doesn’t tolerate noise.


The third and perhaps most convincing reason why Corgis aren’t good beginner dogs is how much effort it takes to take care of them. Despite its small size, the Corgi is a high-maintenance dog. It needs a lot when it comes to grooming because it’s a heavy-shedding breed. The Corgi also has specific dietary needs and health issues that you need to keep an eye on.

The Corgi is a heavy shedder because it has a thick double coat. You can expect your Corgi to shed every day. It will shed even more during the fall and spring seasons to prepare for summer and winter. It’s difficult to keep a home free of fur on any surface if there’s a Corgi that lives in it.

Aside from being high-maintenance when it comes to grooming, Corgis are also high-maintenance when it comes to feeding and overall physical health. Corgis need to eat food that’s formulated to maintain their activity level. Without a healthy diet, a Corgi can quickly become overweight and develop blood sugar and cholesterol-related health problems.

Corgis are also prone to different health conditions like hip dysplasia, cataracts, and epilepsy. All of these diseases take a lot of money and effort to treat so it can be overwhelming to have to care for them when it’s your first time having a dog.

Tips for Having a Corgi as a Beginner Dog Owner

If your heart is set on having a Corgi as your first dog, you’ll have to aptly prepare for it. After all, this dog is incredibly hard to resist. In this section, I’ll go over a few tips for taking care of a Corgi as a first-time dog owner.

Here’s how to have a corgi as a first-time dog owner:

  1. Socialize your Corgi puppy
  2. Take training seriously
  3. Groom your Corgi regularly

1. Socialize Your Corgi Puppy

The first and most important tip is to socialize your Corgi as early as possible. You can start socializing your puppy as soon as it completes its first set of vaccines. You can socialize your Corgi by introducing it to different people and animals.

A good way to do this is by taking your Corgi to your local dog park. Introducing your Corgi to other dogs helps lessen its strong personality because it will pick up some positive behaviors from other dogs. It’s good to start while your Corgi is a puppy because it’s easier to teach your puppy certain traits than when it’s an adult.

2. Take Training Seriously

A great way to manage your Corgi’s attitude is by training it. You can either sign it up for puppy classes or train it yourself. Either way, you must take training seriously and do it regularly and consistently. It’s good to start with basic obedience training so that your Corgi learns to listen to you.

Corgis respond best to tough and assertive trainers. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you have to be aggressive or harsh with your dog. Simply be persistent and patient when teaching your dog is learning something new so that it realizes that what you say, goes.

3. Groom Your Corgi Regularly

To manage your Corgi’s coat, you should either groom it yourself regularly or get it groomed by a professional. Corgis need to have their coats managed well, otherwise, it can quickly become uncomfortable for both you and your dog.

You can opt to learn to groom your Corgi yourself to save money but it doesn’t hurt to have it done by a professional groomer. Bathing a Corgi can be difficult because like most dogs, Corgis hate baths. However, just like with training, if you do it regularly and consistently, even your stubborn pup can learn to enjoy having its fur brushed and washed.

Final Thoughts

Although it is adorable and lovable, the Corgi isn’t a good beginner dog. It can be easy to believe that you should get a Corgi right away based on what you’ve seen online or other Corgis that you’ve met. However, you should know that a well-behaved Corgi is the product of at least months of training and effort from its owner.

If you want to have a Corgi as a first dog, you should first think about if you are ready to have one. It isn’t inherently a mistake to get a Corgi as your first dog, but it is a mistake to do so without preparing for it. Before you get a Corgi, reflect on what your home is like and what type of owner you can be. You should also do research on the breed and its different needs.

I think that regardless of the breed, as a responsible pet haver, you should always do your best to be the right kind of owner for your dog. Rather than choosing a dog based on what breed you like or think is cute, you should choose a dog based on what kind of home you can provide for your pet.